Programa de Pós-Graduação em Antropologia Social

Collection Aracy Lopes da Silva – Studies in Social Anthropology ▹ A persistência do aviamento: colonialismo e história indígena no Noroeste Amazônico

The book analyzes the process of colonization of the Northwest Amazon since its genesis, centered on the so-called aviamento system, one of the structuring factors of the sociology of this region. Such a system is characterized by asymmetrical commercial exchanges based on credit barter, establishing a debt relationship and a hierarchical network of domination between patrons and customers. The indigenous people impacted by the persistence of the aviamento, understood as a colonial condition, managed to act in the long term, on the margins of the regime of violence, renewing their old fluid and open social system. In an interdisciplinary methodological approach to the colonial process, this work establishes a dialogue between history and memory.